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In this section you we will have documents available that we discuss on our Thursday night sessions.
These documents are not to be taken lightly, you do need to have a reasonable comprehension of the way we address situations and the steps be followed.

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Unfair & Unlawful Dismissal!!
If you have been unlawfully terminated from your employment or you simply aren’t being given any shifts because you have made the choice not to participate in the medical trial, there is something you can do. You have been a victim of workplace bullying which gives you an opportunity to remedy the harm caused to you.

Affidavit of Freedom

To stand under your own jurisdiction we must first rebut the Birth Certificate that was created by your mother/father without full disclosure on what they were signing. It wasn’t their fault, they didn’t know what the creation of that document would mean for you. The good news is, that they can fill in an Affidavit from the mother/father to rebut that Birth Certificate.