Take Action

Please share as far and wide as you can! The more people that participate, the more information we will be able to gather. Must use email of an individual not the corporation email.

Please send a copy of responses to herveybaycommonlaw@outlook.com

The areas in RED ​are the sections you personalise with the relevant details. Please note you address it to the man or woman who has claimed you need the shot to keep working, if you have had requests from multiple people in your workplace feel free to issue them all with one.

Take note of the date you serve it. You will need to count 28 days from that date so you can issue an invoice if they fail to provide the proof and continue with terminating your employment, mark the day you send the invoice. Allow them 28 days to pay. after the 28th day, send them a Notice of Failure to Pay and give them a further 28 days. Following that is a Notice that you are seeking action and that they now have 14 days left in order to pay the outstanding amount. 14 days later when you still receive nothing, take those documents to a debt collector or seek a commercial lien and collect your compensation.
Yes it’s a bit of a process but so far everyone who has issued this is making waves, it’s time to stand up and be counted!!

Are you a business owner who would rather remain non-discriminatory and open your doors to accept all customers? Remember the ‘mandates’ can not be enforced on you!

For those whose ability to access services or attend a premises being held ransom with an over-reach by businesses under the guise of a government requirement, we have a potential remedy….

Protecting our most vulnerable while at school

Get a Court Judgement… then